Sharing is Caring-

Dear lovely people,

Life is a wonderful journey BUT not always. Both happiness, sadness, and jealousy are temporary in life. Today you are happy but tomorrow something saddening might happen. Some of you may be scared right now because you failed your exam, or broke your mom’s favorite vase. And few of you are happy because you excelled your exams, made your mom and dad proud.

So here are some useful things I have learnt from life:

1. Hustle Harder

“You’re standing in the middle of a blank piece of paper. Unleash the inner architect and design your path to success.”

I strongly believe in this quote. I have always believed what you eventually become in life is up to you and no one else. You are the designer and architect of your life.  You are the master. But you cannot expect your every design to be beautiful and awesome. Sometimes you may fail and sometimes you may win but it’s not the end of this journey.

You still need to hustle harder.

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2. Have Dreams

Life can be worthless if you don’t have any dream. The dream is that main factor which pushes you to work harder. When you have certain goals and dream, you can do anything to achieve it. So, dream on.


3. Hope

Hope is all you need to excel in this test of life. If you don’t have hope, you don’t have anything and if you have that ray of sunshine or hope then you have everything. Hope is like the food, the energy for your dreams.

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4. Failure

Most people don’t want failure in life. But trust me it can be a great step towards success. When a person tastes failure, s/he can then know more about the path to success and the dos and don’ts. It helps you in hustling harder towards your dream.

5. Nothing lasts forever

It is true that everything you have in life has some expiry date. Your success, happiness would not last forever if you don’t work hard. Because by working hard you can just shift the expiry date and enjoy every bit of your success.

So work harder and achieve your dreams and make yourself proud of before anyone else does.


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Sharing is Caring-