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What is written down is written down, all you have to do is pick up your own read and Paulo Coelho is always worth a shot!

Of the billions of books in the world, I am always game for this prolific author who not only knows a lot of great inspiration things but also knows how to get your head stuck to his books until it’s completed!

Now, all his books are worth your while but I have some great books written by him that are definitely going to change your life forever, so, here we go!

  • The Alchemist.

Sweet, sour, bitter! I know you’ve read it all but all of it, in one book? I don’t think so!

The Alchemist is definitely worth your while if you love an adventure novel, with a little travel, a treasure hunt, a little love story and lots of inspiration, all at once.

This little novel of not more than 150 pages has changed lives of many, entirely!

paulo coelho

Our lead character of the novel, Santiago, goes for a long journey to achieve his dream. One must note, that he started with a small dream and never stopped believing in himself and got led by God himself towards his dream. This is a novel of the sacrifices one has to give, in order to achieve one’s own dream. And in the end, it all pays off.

It has been said that Paulo Coelho has written this book in just a week and it has been said to have been one of the greatest books of all times.

  • The Zahir.

Looking for an imperfect love story and a desperate lover? Your search is over here!

Zahir, in Arabic means, one that cannot be overlooked. Here, the Zahir for the author was his lost love whom he couldn’t forget, no matter how hard he tried. This is a unique love story with an unprecedented twist in the end.

The book is about patience. The book suggests us to wait before taking a huge leap in life. It may take years to get to one’s destination but what happens in between is all what matters the most in the end because the ending is not always crisp like they show in the movies.

  • Veronica decides to die.

This book is a really interesting one. It’s one of the bestsellers of Paulo Coelho. It’s about a girl named Veronica, who is pretty and earns an average living out of a job she hadn’t grown up to do. She gets all the attention from the boys that some girls can only dream of, but she is fed up of her life and wishes to end it. The plans go wrong. Unfortunately, she survives and ends up in a mental asylum because of the letter she has written before she loses consciousness!

See how now, she’s fighting death and learns the real lessons of life.

  • The winner stands alone.

See how a desperate lover goes off to Cannes Film Festival to find his love and see how the mind of a psychopath works. Here the lead character is ready to kill anyone in order to achieve his love back.

Many lives are ruined and there is a greater climax to this Psychological Thriller. One of the best      books of all times!

  • By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.

This is a unique book with a new concept. In the changing times where money plays the monopoly in both the economy and relationships, the protagonist of the story falls in love with a man who is a staunch believer of God and believes in the new concepts of worship through the soul.

The story revolves around the mediocre girl who has always dreamt of an average boy who earns for the family but starts to catch feelings for her childhood friend who now gives seminars on soul and life.


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Sharing is Caring-