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How many of us read newspapers nowadays? Not many, right? We are too busy with other works that we hardly get time to read a newspaper for five minutes. Ah! This generation will say, “Why read a newspaper when you can watch videos on YouTube?” I know! I know!

Not all will say this but definitely a few will. You would have heard this dialogue at least once from someone. Haven’t you? By newspaper, here I mean paper in which daily news is published. So, I will list out the importance of reading the newspaper daily.


1) We get to know the current events happening all over the world: We should know what is happening around us, shouldn’t we? It is very important to be updated with the events that are happening all around the world. Only then we can understand and analyze the world which we are living in.

2) Newspapers publish advertisements and manufacturers: People can easily check out the advertisements and get to know about the product and buy them when in sale at the best price.

3) We get to know about sports and fashion: Who won’t like this bit of news? We get to know all about sports and fashion. We also get to know about the latest trends in the city and also about offers and discounts from the fashion industry.

4)  We get to know people’s opinions in columns: In columns, common people like us, write their views and opinions on any particular thing that happened and we can easily connect with the view or even we get a chance to voice out our own view in the newspaper.

5) Reading newspaper improvises our language and vocabulary: Reading newspaper regularly can definitely improvise our vocabulary and the style we speak. We can flaunt our vocabulary to others to admire us.

These are the five importance of reading newspaper. The dignity and reputation of a newspaper rest on the degree of their fidelity to truth and fearless reporting. It is our cheapest but most powerful tool to know the world. Reading newspapers can actually develop your thinking and enables you to think out of the box for a solution to a problem.

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Nowadays, in entrance exams too, few questions are related to what is given in or read in the newspaper. Knowing current affairs is very important and for that, it is must to read the newspaper every day. Just sit for 5 to 10 minutes when you are free, grab a newspaper and enjoy reading with a cup of coffee. Coffee is the best pair along with the newspaper.


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Sharing is Caring-