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To all the literary geeks out there, book is like an invaluable treasure but what  lesser know is that even some Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies are priceless.

1)   Midnight in Paris

The most important reason to watch is because it’s a Woody Allen movie. The second most important reason to watch it is because it consists of all the most famous and the most incredible authors of the past, including F. Scott Fitzgerald , Zelda Fitzgerald, T.S.Elliot, and many more! There is also a reference for Picasso and his much discussed mistress of all times.

2)   Dead Poets society

It’s a 1989 American drama and the lead is none other than Robin Williams. Isn’t that just enough to watch the movie with utmost joy? But wait, there is more to it, there’s the beauty of poetry and the formation of poetry. The neglected poetry is brought to its justice.

In this film, an English teacher called John Keating teaches his students the importance of literature and how to feel its beauty. It’s nothing less than a joy ride for the English literature fans, BIG TIME!

3)   Shakespeare in Love

This movie is for all the Shakespeare fans. Apart from his ‘mind- boggling’ dramas and sonnets, this movie is based on his personal life and experiences. It’s about young Shakespeare who comes to London in search of a Job, who is cash less and idea less.

literary movies
Won’t it be just an awesome experience to see what the love story and the life of the greatest dramatist of the world was like?

4)   Aisha

Aisha is a Bollywood movie based upon the greatest novels of Jane Austen called “Emma”.

It’s a romantic drama directed by Rajshree Ojha.  The lead character of the drama, Emma is named Aisha here, who plays a matchmaker for her friend and messes up everything in the end. It’s about a girl with a superficial lifestyle. The movie is a total entertainment and is enjoyed by people of all the generations.

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5)   Tess

Tess is the most famous book which gave the great author, Thomas Hardy his first stand in the literary world. It is a tragic movie with the lead character Tess who has dreams of her own but her parents get her into trouble which caused her a life full of miseries and pain. One just cannot see what comes next in the movie. This movie is a perfect portrayal of the original book.


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Sharing is Caring-