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‘Bollywood’ is the simple name given to the extravagant industry that has left us all spell-bound by its drama, maskas and chasakas. Whether you’re a pure Desi born and brought-up Indian, or a NRI that bonds with India only due to Bollywood, or that lovely non-Hindi speaking foreigner who watches all the Bollywood movies without even understanding a word, Bollywood is the ultimate heaven and solace to you. So, now that you know you like Hindi movies, here are the top 25 signs that will prove that you’re a Bollywood Freak, a.k.a., a person that is too into Bollywood.

Read on, to find whether you’re really a Bollywood Freak?

#1 Celebrity Crushes are it-thing in your dictionary!!

Whether you’re a squeaky teen or a grown up adult, you would’ve at least one Bollywood hero that you totally adore. You would go gaga over his picture, his little smile, features and gestures, you name it, and you can describe your idol like none else. Well, if you’re a male then you’re bound to have had a teeny-weeny crush on any heroine on any era, say, AishwariyaRai Bacchan or Deepika Padukone, anyone is bound to have stolen your heart for a long time.

You’d stay updated on all movie that they’ve acted till date and you can recite the plot, lines of songs, the dresses they wore, actions scenes they did, you’d know everything in your finger-tips. Once, you start talking about your favorite hero, and then there is no looking back. No matter how dirty glares or stares your peers throw at you, you are not going to stop anytime soon.

#2 Bollywood was your first style guru.

You learnt about makeup, trends, style quotient only from your favorite actor and sometimes still learn from them. Maybe at some point of time in your life, you would’ve tried a Deepika Padukone inspired winged eyeliner, Salman Khan inspired six pack(no matter how bad you fail at it or master it), Shah Rukh’s attitude and humor, Sonam Kapoor’s ever changing dressing sense, you would have done it all. So, accept it people you still learn fashion from Bollywood. They’re your gurus aren’t they?

#3 When you watch a Cannes or Global Awards show you realize you haven’t seen any other film that Bollywood, but still it never makes you sad, it only makes you proud.

I know, it has happened to me all the time. Whenever I flip through Romedy, HBO, or any other English movie channel, or hear any of my peers talking about Hollywood movies or accidentally hear about Cannes or Global awards, I realize that I don’t know anything about them. But to be frank, I’d still argue with them that watching a Bollywood movie is more fun than those so called English movies. I am proud of it, you know and I know so are you. Now, accept it, I say!

#4 You watch Cannes or any other foreign award show, only to know what your favorite Bollywood actress or actor has worn.

Although I’ve never properly watched the Cannes award function, I’ve perfect update of what my Bollywood actors have worn to the red carpet. I have their photos there and do a brief analysis, as of whether had they done the right choice or not. You go around discussing all these with your peers and it instantly becomes the hot topic for the next few days. Happens, right?

#5 You prefer Gossip magazines and supplements to main paper.

I know the first thing you do in the morning would be to flip to the fashion or gossip supplement of the newspaper. Or you might even you advanced and subscribe to a gossip website that gives you the latest updates about the life of your idols and celebrity crushes, whatever you love to call them as. You can sit for 24×7 glued to your favorite Bollywood masala gossip shows or videos either online or in cable. It’s true right? Just can’t help it. After all it’s a kind of general knowledge you know!

#6 Your friends always consents you to confirm the latest Bollywood gossips, because you just know it right!

All your research and hardwork pays well, here. You are the gossip queen or king in the peer that always keeps your updated about the latest happenings in Bollywood and your friends would love it for you. Sometimes, they view you like freaks, but still we know they love you or at least that’s what we believe because you know what, you’re happy people.

#7 You’re happy, bubbly, cheerful and filled with great sense of humor because that’s how you’re actors behave on-screen.

If you’re a girl, then you believe in being typical happy, bubbly, cheerful girl because your role-models behave that way. If you’re a guy, you definitely like being that cheesy, humorous guy and drop cheesy romance lines from your favorite Bollywood movies when you’re trying to impress the girl you love.

You believe in living your life happily and not letting anyone’s sarcasm let to get the worst out of you. You love smiling, laughing and having fun. Afterall, you learnt all these from your favorite Bollywood movies. Life is live, dude.

#8 You can drop Bollywood dialogues anywhere in between your conversation because that’s how thorough you know them!

You listen to your dialogues for a single time or hundred times, you just know them right. It doesn’t matter whether you even understand or pronounce them properly, all it matters is you know them right. You know when to drop them into the conversation and this skill of yours is often appreciated by your friends and peers.

#9 You’d have watched at least one of your favorite Bollywood movie for more than 10 times and every time you meet someone you boast about your achievement.

I know ten times is just a minimum, you might even be one those crazy freaks that collects your movie ticket each time you go for your same favorite movie. You can never get bored watching them again and again. In fact, you just savor them each time you watch. You get this feeling that no matter how many times you watch it you just can’t get enough of them.

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#10 When everyone fusses about English pop songs, you think why not listen to some Desi Honey Singh or listen to Arjit Singh. Bollywood songs are the best you see.

“Why listen to Rihanna or Beatles, when you’ve Honey Singh and Arjit Singh?” this is the thought that always revolves around your mind. When there is a song in Bollywood for your every mood, why not just make a Bollywood songs playlist? This is how you always see the world of music. You can even fight for the acceptance of your favorite Bollywood songs, which is not even necessary because once you listen to them, you’ll automatically fall in love them.

#11 You’ve often been criticized that you can only debate about Bollywood and stars. But that never stops you from being involved in debating about them.

The only topic that arouses your interest in life is—Bollywood. You can talk all day long about it, argue, criticize, analyze, gush about but can never live without it. Now, that’s you. No other topic could make the adrenaline rush to your body; make you feel emotional and fierce at the same time. You can even kill a person, if he dares to talk ill of Bollywood or your favorite star. You may have been criticized many times for it, but that can never stop you.

Debates on Bollywood is like oxygen to your soul. You can never survive or live without them, you know.

#12 You can analyze a film by its trailer and often you tell the right story. Yet that never stops you from watching the movie.

You can tell the story the minute you watch the trailer. Most friends bring the trailers to you, to get the best opinion from you. They wait for your thumbs-up before even thinking about watching that bollywood movie. Often the storyline you predict is perfect, but that can never stop you from watching that movie. You believe that no matter how perfect your assumption maybe, you always need a conformation.

Watching the movie is only way to conform it and what’s the best way to relax, enjoy and have fun than to watch a Bollywood movie.

#13 Friday First Shows are a must in life and you especially can’t miss your favourite stars’ First Day First Show. Release date of each movie is in your finger-tip. Another plus-point or sign of being Bollwood Freak.

You can miss food, water or air, yet survive. But survival without Friday First Shows is like a strict no-no. Thank god, or that wonderful soul that invented the pre-online booking before first day show. Or even if that doesn’t work, why not do some networking guys? Catch hold of someone working in a theater, a friend who can stand in queue for you, anything but you need to get it, okay. Understand the seriousness of the situation, dude!

#14 Whatsupp Status, DP, Facebook Timeline, Twitter post will keep you busy when you’ve your favourite star’s film is releasing and if you still don’t watch the movie within a week, it’s a shame!

DP’s, whatsapp statuses and all other social-networking sites of  yours would be filled with pictures, written updates about how much YOU NEED to watch your favorite Bollywood movie. Now, if you don’t watch it, at least a week (which will actually never happen that way. It’s because you generally finish watching it on the release date.), it’s truly a shame. How can you even meet eye-to-eye with your friends, what would they say? Now, talk about drama and tension!

#15 You can see yourself in your favorite character from your favorite movie.

Whether it’s your favorite actors’ movie or just a favorite character in a movie, there might at least be one movie in this whole big Bollwood cinema world that you can relate to. Whatever happens to him, or her, you’d be nodding your head and wishing that you could go into screens and be there with him/her during trouble days or happy days of that character. It must’ve happened to you, at least once.

#16 You often find yourself blushing whenever you learn that someone you met just know is Tina or Rahul. Oh! It’s not because that so-called Rahul or Tina is hot, it’s because you remembered your favorite stars.

You can be this I-don’t-blush or day-dream kind-of person but once you hear that the person whom you just met shares the name of your favorite movie character you start to blush or daydream unknowingly. Your wild imagination might even jump to creating a love-life with them if they just belong to the opposite sex and look equally good.

#17 They can be Ranbir Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra but to you they’re Bunny or Jhilmil to you!

If you’re so absorbed by the acting of your favorite actor, you tend to refer them as the character name than their original names. Such is the power of their acting!

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#18 You need to meet these Bollywood stars at least once in life. So, you often find yourself, daydreaming or actually working towards meeting them.

Your once-in-lifetime dream is to meet your favorite star at least once and tell them how much you like them face to face. You are just tired talking about them all day long and, long for that day when you actually can meet and talk to them. Some of you might be arranging meetings with them in your daydreaming sessions, while some might actually working them to reality. You might pester your Page 3 journalist friend to talk you to the latest party, or walk up to the stars home and try to barge in, any crazy idea you’re ready to follow. All you want to do is to meet them for once and then your soul will rest in peace.

#20 If you’re asked to write a quiz on Bollywood, song lyrics, character names and plots, you are bound to top it. (Hey, does something like that happen anywhere, notify me and I’ll be there!)

You don’t actually need to attend any course or lecture to top this quiz. Your lifelong involvement and hard work will pay here. You name it and you can tell it perfectly. That’ how thorough you’re on the subject of Bollywood.

#21 Your romantic ideals are heavily inspired and dependent on Bollywood.

Your ideal boyfriend must be like the ones shown in Bollywood — kind, caring, loving, romantic, dancing-in-the rain kind of. (Hey Does such guys exist or they are only in my dream?) You’re ideal girlfriend must be funny, bubbly, optimistic, cheerful, supportive like the ones shown in Bollywood, a nerd is acceptable too!

Whenever you travel by bus or train, you wish that you accidentally meet your soul mate. You might have so many plots or scenes that you wish can happen to you. You believe there is this one person made for you, no matter how many times your friends force you to come out of the ideology, and you just are ready to wait for that so called one. You also believe that you’ll meet him “accidentally” like your favorite actors meet on-screen. Now, whom should we thank for this ideology? Bollywood, of course!

#22 You’ve a friend or a group of people especially for discussing about Bollywood. You call them your set of “3 Idiots”

You reserve a certain gang of friends that can really understand your feelings about Bollywood. You always meet them up to talk about anything related to Bollywood.You love the time you spent with them and can really connect with them. It’s because you know they too feel the same way as you.

#23 Genres don’t matter, only the cast matter. At times watching Bollywood movie is itself a treat for you.

All that matters to you is that you need to watch at least one Bollywood movie per weekend. Bollywood is about big names but if you’re in mood you’re ready to watch small budget movies too. As long as it’s your Hindi Bollywood movie, you’re totally in for it.

#24 You’re often quoted as the “Drama King” or “Drama Queen” among your peers. Drama adds spice, isn’t it? That’s what you seriously believe.

Drama and you are inseparable. Fake cry and wails are a part of your humor and daily life. A life without drama is like a life without Bollywood, too void and unnatural. Not a place that you can survive or live into. You really need some drama in life. Otherwise it’s just too boring you see.

#25 You learn dance steps of your favorite song and once you learn that someone hates your favorite film, character or actor, you hate that person too!

You needn’t be some pakka professional dancer. You can be a bathroom or private dancer who never likes to show your moves to others. But Bollywood has solutions and dance steps for all. No matter how difficult it is, there are certain signature moves that you’ve to learn as a serious follower of your Bollywood actor. So, whenever you get that chance you show those moves and increase your popularity.

If a person ever claims that he hates your favorite actor, then naturally he gets into your bad book. No matter how good or great he is, he belongs to your ignore-list. Likewise if a person claims he loves your favorite actor, he is immediately nominated as your BFF, despite your clash of characters.

`So, if at least 10 of the 25 signs match with you, you definitely are a Bollywood freak. Bollywood plays a very important role in your life. Until then, enjoy life and Bollywood. (It’s because I know, how important Bollywood is to you!!)

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