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Kumar Aman an 18-year-old aspiring photographer from Patna, Bihar, tells us about when he fell in love with photography for the first time and his photographic journey since then,  on this occasion of world’s photography day. I find very rare people who follow their passion to turn it into their profession. And he is one amongst those rarest crowd who is going to pursue his bachelor degree in his passion for Photography.

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“Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in their life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your mind.”, Aman took this quote of A. R. Rahman to his heart and started following his passion.

Kumar Aman

What is Your Opinion about Camera and Photography, Aman?

For other people, it may be an equipment to use but for me, it’s my life. My whole vision sums up in a frame I make, using my camera’s viewfinder. It’s something I worship and I can rely upon this on my whole life.

A camera teaches you how to feel this beautiful world without a camera, how to make moments from your surroundings, how to feel this world in a different way.

It makes you live the beauty of nature as well as the moments that have passed, it records all the sweet memories to dark memories of your life so that you can feel your entire life journey within a few minutes.

My camera is not just a camera but also my teacher, my best friend, my way of seeing this world, my way of living the moments, my first love, my everything. I can admire it for my whole life and still don’t get bored of it that’s what I feed for my camera.

When did this spark of photography ignite in you?

I was 12 years old at that time, we had a function in a hotel in Patna. I was enjoying with my cousins like every child does in family function. I used to click pictures with smartphone and digital cameras we had from a longer time but had never hold a professional camera.

My cousins went to eat and I was not feeling hungry so I started roaming here and there. After few moments I found the photographer who came to shoot the function, was sitting on a chair doing something with his equipment.

I ran towards him and greeted him hello. I started talking to him, I really came to know about many things about photography that day and after few moments he also gave me his camera and helped me in clicking a picture out of it. He also said that he did photography not because he wanted to earn a living from it but he loved doing it and he is happy in doing that.

That day a little Spark ignited inside me to do photography in future and that I feel it was the first time I experienced love in my life.

When did you get your own DSLR?

With few ideas but great dreams, I kept on doing photography where I got a chance to do and soon I fell in love with it. Interest kept on growing day by day and finally, that day came I had my own DSLR camera.

From beginning to end I have learned from a lot of people, YouTube videos and practiced photography of all kinds. I will keep on doing this until I live on this planet and I wish to achieve what I have dreamt of using this platform.

Kumar Aman

What is your Future Plan in Photography?

My current plans are to go to some good photography college to learn this completely and then establish a Studio of my own. I love doing this and claim it as “my forever lasting love”I wish to become a successful photographer one day and I am happy in doing this.


What is your Inspiration behind this passion?

I learn every day and get Deeply inspired by stories of Aspiring photographers who became world-leading & famous photographers. I also dream of establishing myself the same one day.


On World Photography day I wish all the established, Aspiring, amateur & professional photographers a very happy World’s Photography day, you people are the reason this love is growing every day and people are falling for it.

“Keep Teaching

Keep Practicing

Keep Loving

Long Live Photography

And God Bless Everyone”




Sharing is Caring-