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We’ve always been taught never to “Judge a Book by its cover.” But I suppose that’s one of the most difficult and hypocritical statement that anyone could’ve come across. No matter how much one tries to deny the effect that outer appearances have on human beings, it’s difficult to brandish the effect totally. However, one might argue that no matter how effective the effect maybe, they’re not much long-lasting. The long-lasting impressions are made through abilities and beautiful inner-qualities. But it must also be accepted that it’s a natural human quality to fall for looks.

Thus, here’s a harsh awakening to those who believe that there’s no worth in caring about how you look, it does matter in this world as how you look. Fashion and media have today, taken the world by its zero-sizes and six-packs and thereby leaving none of the gender to be unique, real and happy. You fall for those standard moral look-books, no matter how much you deny their power and end up feeling powerless, anxious, insecure and unhappy about the way you look.

Here, whether you’re a fashion victim, or fashion apathies or a simple observer of this society, this article is for all of you to learn as how to feel better about the way we look.

#1 Ditch the fashion magazine and start to embrace the way you look.

Remember that not everything that you see out on those fashion magazines is real. Those models undergo tiring hours of training, exercise and most importantly painful plastic surgeries to look like dolls or hunks, either way. Sometimes even intricate Photoshop techniques are used to fool you. Now, it’s time to stop idolizing those fashion magazines and embrace yourself as you are. That nose that you’ve or eyes that sparkle are gifted to you by your lovely parents, you better accept that and embrace it.

#2 The real beauty is hidden in your smile, not in the makeup wands.

Smile! Yes, you read it right. Now next time you try to take a perfect selfie, just smile from heart and see, how even those stubborn flaws that your makeup brushes and boxes failed to cover is covered by this smile. Believe in yourself and your smile, than those makeup boxes filled with harsh chemicals.

#3 It’s time to stop concealing and reveal your true self.

That little scar you’ve on your brow, or that pimple mark on your face, have a wonderful story behind them. Why conceal them with a tube of Concealer, when you can bravely show them to world and share the story with others.  It’s time world sees the real “You”, without those chemicals on your face. Be brave to embrace your features.

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#4 Don’t let conventional media defined ideals to define you.

Wouldn’t it be boring, if everyone looked the same? Well, that’s what those conventional media defined ideals are trying to do. It’s time to stand-out of the crowd and show them our uniqueness.


#5 It’s time to realize that people don’t love you for your six-packs or caked face, they love you for who you really are.

Ask your loved ones why they love you and their answers are bound to surprise you. It’s because they love you not for your dashing looks, but for the person who you really are.

#6Your goal must be to remain fit not to starve to get that perfect zero-size or six-pack.

It’s time to hit the gym and eat proper meals, but with a slightly reversed goal, ahead of us. It’s important to stay fit in whatever shape you might be, not those zero sizes. Also, six-packs definitely don’t mean you’re fit, it only means you work yourself to bones. Realize that.

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#7 Age gracefully and accept it, rather than trying to change or reverse it.

Aging is a natural process and it is important to accept them. It’s time to stop dying those grey hairs and stressing over those wrinkles by applying different creams. They’ll only harm you more than help. Anyway, remember “Salt and pepper” look is in.

#8 It’s okay to “look bad”, but not okay to lose your mind over it.

It’s okay for those conventional media-influenced people to call you as “bad looking”. Just remember that their sense of fashion ideals is dull and dry. Prepare fresh retorts than to lose your mind over their silly, hurting words.

#9 The first rule of your look-book must be comfort not other way round.

“Those 6-inch killer heels kill my feet. But it’s worth it, because I look so good on them.” People, it’s time to know that you precious body is more worth it, than to feel the pain to look good or cool. Stop these thoughts now and start wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. The influence they put on your look is tremendous. Believe me on that, people.

#10 Please throw that mirror aside, don’t let it fret you more than necessary.

I know, Sylvia Plath will hate me for this, because according to her mirror is the only one that is truthful to us.(ref. Mirror poem, by Sylvia Plath) But, it’s time to get that hurtful criticism about your looks, and mirrors will do nothing but hurt you more. Time to say goodbye to that precious mirror of yours, until you are ready to report to the world that you’re happy by the way you look. So, take up “No-Mirror” Challenge until then.

So, how was it? Did any help to make you feel better? Feeling better about your looks and self is definitely not a bed of roses. It might take time, but be patient until your heart is ready to accept your gorgeous, handsome, sassy self!

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Sharing is Caring-