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It is 2017 and people generally do not go down the “arranged marriage” path. However, there are still few who either walk down this path happily, by themselves OR do it only for their families.

I have been a part of this process since May 2015. Trust me; there is nothing exciting about it. Nothing at all! Thus, using my experience as reference, I would like to tell you 10 things that nobody tells you.


1. It is not magic. Nothing will happen in an instant

Finding a partner is not easy. There are a lot of things that are taken into consideration before finalizing a relationship. Especially in India, where suddenly, long-lost aunts feel free to share their opinions about the person you meet.  Therefore, be prepared for a long bumpy ride before you find a good match or someone you can be yourself with.

2.Comparisons will be made

Yes! Believe it or not, you may compare the person you meet with an ex or someone you had a crush on. But, it will not end there and certainly isn’t limited to only you. Everyone around you will compare the person with 10 others and confuse you enough to not be able to reach a decision easily.

3. Everyone will ask you “Are you ready for this?” on various occasions

Even when you are sitting quietly and doing mental calculations about the person you just met or are going to meet, someone will come to make you a little more nervous or anxious by asking you if you are ready for such a big commitment. The moment you will hear it, even if you were confident, you shall take a step back and re-think about each and everything you were sure of a while ago!


4. You may have a bad day just a little while before you have to meet a person

Life doesn’t let you have happy moments all the time. Does it? Life spares no chance to have a good laugh at your expense. Your hair might be messed up or you will get acne or the parlor lady will mess up your eyebrows. For guys, you may cut yourself while shaving or wake up with a bad hangover and swollen eyes.

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In my case, I had a swollen face and really bad pain due to an allergic reaction to something I ate at a Japanese restaurant. It was terrible, really painful and the swelling took 15hours to subside.

5. You will become really self-conscious

Not an ideal situation to be in. You will be always expected to look your best and be at your best behavior. Working out, eating right, posting something on social media; everyone around you shall remind you to be careful and proper so that you don’t face any hurdles.

6. Your search history will be related to love and relationships

As if people around you were not enough, you will take help from the internet to cloud your clear thoughts and take you to websites where you will read articles such as “108 questions to ask someone before you get married.”


7. Your salary, work experience, and qualifications will either be your saviors or bite you in the arse!

If you earn well, have decent work experience and are professionally well qualified, you my friend are a real “catch”! However, if you are not qualified as per the “expectations” of the girl or boy’s family, please feel free to get a lecture after the meeting. If you are not a doctor, engineer or lawyer, remember this, you are not qualified enough. Unfortunately, that is how our society functions.

8. Your mother will teach you how to cook OR your father will explain all the responsibilities

If you are a girl, cooking is a must; because after-all, the way to a man’s heart is through is the stomach. If you are a boy, your father will sit down and explain what is expected from a husband and how you need to pull up your socks and be a man.

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9. Small talk will come easily to you

Once you meet a few “prospective” matches, you will be more at ease in starting a conversation. Likes, dislikes and hobbies etc will be a cakewalk for you to share or describe.

10 . It will be scary, long, tiring, unappealing and messy. However, when you come across the “one” it will be worth the wait!

Sharing is Caring-