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According to the calendar, December is the last month of the year. It is the countdown month which will end the year. The month in which Santa Claus comes to fulfill wishes of children and for enjoyment. If we see in the view of elders, it is the month of planning. The planning from which you can visualize the upcoming year. It is the month to get a review of the whole year to brighten the new year if things are planned systematically.

Try to utilize these 31 days wisely, as it can be said as the trial month. There are 744 hours in December month, squeeze them to get fruitful results in the forthcoming year. Try to cope up with things that are lacking behind.

Here I am not telling you to pen down your resolutions in a diary and keep on the shelf then forget it after few days. I want you to plan your new year in such a way that you enjoy each and every day and step to step reach your goals in the coming year.

new year

Let’s try to add the variety of things in the coming year to make it better than the current year. Here are some things you should do before the new year :

1)Be Grateful To People

In this world, humans are considered as God’s beautiful creation on the earth. According to A.P.J. Kalam “If you are not thankful to people, you’re not thankful to god”. The situations which were like deep well and someone came and helped you by giving his/her hand, you should never forget those moments and should be grateful to those people who helped you, stood by you in troublesome situations.

They are the people who turned your troublesome days into happier days because of those people today you are out of those situations. To some people, you know while some are strangers yet they step forward for helping you, so it’s your duty to show your gratitude to them by thanking them for their efforts that they made for you. In the present era, Many times you might have got the rejection from people by saying “NO”.

That no word also might have hurt you deeply because sometimes our expectations are more. You might have got furious on those people, but after that “NO” only you got new opportunities to prove yourself. You should be grateful to them too as they were the one who rejected and shown the hope that you deserve something better than previous. This world is full of different people, you should be grateful to everyone for playing their role beautifully in your lives. Never criticize anyone, just express your gratitude and move on in your life.

Have you shown your gratitude to people?

2) Set Goals In Mind Instead Of Papers

Approximately 80% people are listing down their goals which they want to achieve. You also might have thought to pen down your goals in your diary for the coming year, but what after penning down them in the diary which only increases the beauty of your bookshelf. After a week or month, dust covers it and your goals too and they disappear. Try something different this time, set your goals in mind and remind yourself every day.

Every morning, stand in front of a mirror and utter them all as it works like an alarm for your mind and heart both. They will direct you towards steps that you have to take and will also take you closure to your destinations. When you will put pressure on your mind, it will be attracted to those goals and you will definitely and achieve it. You should chase your dreams to fulfill them and it is possible by giving reminders to your mind at regular intervals.

Have you given a reminder to your brain this morning?

3) List Up Your Mistakes

In this year, you must have passed through some mistakes which were bitter part of the year. You also know that bitter situations only teach us the best lessons of our life. Mistakes are the part of your journey and after passing through them, you will get experience about how to tackle the forthcoming situations. Try to make list of your mistakes that you made this year, not for counting them but to know the lessons they taught you.

Mistakes are not the end, they are the proof that you have tried your best. You should give your best to rectify your errors instead of sitting in a corner and cursing yourself for things. Life is a journey to move on, not to stop after a mistake. Before new year starts, revise the lessons that you learned from mistakes by remembering them. They are your past experiences, not your future. The future is in your hands either you learn from mistakes and improve yourself or you repeat them in future and keep regretting always. The Choice is yours.

What have you decided for yourself?

4) Instead of updating phones update yourself

Life without gadgets is incomplete. If your cellphone stops working or its speed reduces, then you immediately visit the shop for updating software. You can’t even imagine your life without phones. You are updating your mobiles at regular intervals so that it can work smoothly. It is also important also, same is with humans too. You should also update yourself by getting knowledge of different things.

Every day you must be seeing various hoarding on your way, you should have a look at them to get information of your nearby surroundings. In your leisure time, you should do things which can lead you towards betterment. You should collect information from every corner you see. It may not be helpful for you today, but it can be in future. Now you might be thinking that will try it from the new year, instead try it from today. Let this be practice time.

Have you started updating yourself?

Stop thinking, start doing.

5) Cage Your Fears Behind Bars

Fear, the word itself is enough to describe your facial expressions. It is like a virus which has corrupted your life. It is not allowing you to try things which your heart desires. Life is a game where chances are 50-50 either you will win or lose. If you are afraid of things and decided not to try it even once, then you will never get anything.

You are not trying because fear is holding you back. If you want to perform, you have to come on front stage. Fears will always stick you on backstage, if you wish to come forward in life, then leave your fears and learn to step out. Instead of caging your desires, cage your fears behind bars in such a way that it can never stop you from success. One step ahead with confident can kill your fears, just try and feel the magic.

Are you afraid of something?

Have you ever tried to fight with your fears?

6) Boost Up Your Energies

Laziness is the worst enemy of man. It can divert you from your goals. You should make a routine of your day to day activities. Your day should start with your favourite activity, Like running, walking, exercise, meditation etc. This will increase your confidence and will help you to stay calm and peaceful.

You should eat healthy food, instead of junk food to improve your immunity system. Sound sleep is also important for a healthy day, 6 hours rest is mandatory for good functioning of the body. After every two hours, give rest to your brain to function more effectively. Stress is a common problem faced by all and it uses whole energy. You should avoid stressing yourself about minor things. You should try to love thing with calmness.

How you boost your energies?

7) Meet New People And Make Friends

Whole is the fair, where you can find different people. You should step out of your four walls and should meet new people and should have a conversation with them. They will help you to view the exact picture of the world. You can also increase your network by meeting unknown.

If you are introvert, you will just live in your world with a limited number of people around you. Try to come out of your comfort zone and meet new people, you will come to many things which might have not even heard before. You will learn various things which can lead you towards your path. You should also remember to choose your network wisely to avoid to trap in the false company.

8) Focus

Whatever you do, you should do it by focussing on minor things. This will help you to improve your work and even will increase your concentration. By focusing, you can avoid your mistakes and can work accurately. It can pilot you towards your goal without any hindrance. You might be facing this in your daily life.

For instance, you are studying for your exams or you are busy with your office work, you heard any noise from outside and your mind diverted in that direction. You should control your thoughts that distract you from your work. Try some activities to increase your focus. You should train your mind to focus on each and every activity to make it successful.

9) Welcome challenges with a wide smile

Challenges are the best part of your life. Challenges will help you to grow. If you will welcome challenges with a wide smile, you will find solutions to cope up with them. Being afraid of challenges will only take you back in the darkness. After moon night, the sun shines. Life is full of ups and downs.

You should have the confidence to face the challenges if you wish to shine brightly. Take challenges as opportunities and welcome them to prove your abilities. Let your strengths win the race by facing challenges strongly.

10)Be Thankful for each and every day

You should never curse your day for one bad incident. Mostly it’s habit of people to blame a day due to one incident. Every day is a new day. You should welcome it as it brings new things in your life. It teaches you something. It gives you new experiences and sometimes gives you memorable memories. You should always be grateful to God for your day. You should always remember that whatever happens, happens for our good. Before going to bed, take a moment and thank God for ending a day with peaceful night.

Instead of thinking more, try these few things in your day to day before the new year starts. Make it your you habits from now, if you wish to see the change in your forthcoming year. You should decorate your life with these colourful things to lighten up your year. You should not wait for the new year to try these things, you should start them from the very next moment you read, you can count it as a trial base to view the forthcoming results.

   What are you waiting for?

   Are you ready for the trial?


Sharing is Caring-