Sharing is Caring-

Life is always hard for people who try to understand and connect the dots in future and easier for those who accept the way it is bombarded on them.

Although, here are some legit truths of life that don’t hold true unless you experience them but also that makes you go “hmmm…”

Truth 1: Life never needs a plan. Planning things looks like a sorted structure but always leads in messing up expectations. Let life surprise you and try surprising life back by accepting it the way it is.

Truth 2: Right now you might be in the most formidable situation you’ve ever faced but it will eventually all fall into place and make you realise why it went the way it did. At the end, everything makes sense. Trust me, when you understand it, you’ve the most precious smile.

Truth 3: Love makes you do things you never thought you could. Although sometimes it’s just the illusion.

Truth 4: Say what you feel like saying, do what you feel like doing because people hardly stay or remember things. What stays is regret. So better let it out.
life truths

Truth 5: Finding out chocolate chip cookies as raisin cookies aren’t the most hurtful thing in this world. Trying to hold back your tears is. Just let it out. Because again “Truth 4”

Truth 6: Potatoes when cut into different shapes and sizes and fried in the same oil taste different. (Shapes change the taste? Woah!)

Truth 7: IT IS ALL OKAY!

It’s okay if you’re consistently failing, if you don’t like what others like, if you hate trends, if you love pineapples on your pizza, unlike others, if you don’t fit in like others, if you’re not someone’s first priority, if people are always upset because you don’t fulfil expectations. It’s all okay. The world holds grudges against the creator too. You just need to be correct in your own context. You just need to make yourself happy. Let the world adjust itself.

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Truth 8: Your worst enemy is not the one who judges you, criticizes you or bullies you. Your own thoughts are! And when they find a way into the path of over thinking they make you believe in false situations. Stop thinking. Start dreaming.

Truth 9: Homeworks don’t make you smart. Imagination does.

Truth 10: Money depicts happiness in the best way possible until you understand what happiness really is.

PS: Based on real life experiences! I hope you all come across them too. Amen!



Sharing is Caring-